Beer “Zhiguli Barnoe" is brewed according to originalrecipe of " Zhiguli " restaurant.

Selective malt, hop and soft water from a depth of 320 meters makes "Zhiguli Barnoe“ a beer with individual taste. It takes 21 days for process of production " Zhiguli Barnoe ". This allows to save a unique flavor of hops which gives slight bitterness and malt full "body“ to beer. Prolonged cold exposure harmonizes taste of beer. Prolonged cold excerpt harmonizes the taste of Light filtered pasteurized beer .



The first LE collectible series liter jar was released In April 2012.

There is a collection of 13 works, each is made in the artistic style of pin-up and displays the atmosphere of cultural activities as a mood of the " Zhiguli Barnoe " beer.  The last three series have a sport theme and focus on the Olympic Games in Sochi. All illustrations are unique and created by famous Russian artist Valery Barykin special for "Zhiguli Barnoe“ beer.